The Space Mice

The cutest kitty treats in the Denubian Galaxy!

About the Space Mice
These little creatures live in the Castle of Lions and are friends with the Voltron Force.  They're cute, cuddly, and the kind of things that evil commanders like me like to see chased by Haggar's cat.  They're mischievous little rodents, too, and that's probably their only redeeming trait, because they mess with Pidge, Lance, and Nanny.  Oh, and they have their own little ship, which they built to help out the Voltron Force.  It once helped in defeating Lotor, I'm told, but I'm also told not to talk about that so we'll stop while I'm ahead... or rather, while I still have a head.


They can't match their uniforms to their Voltron either.     The Mouse Plane     Phhhhbbbt!

Sound Clips

Sound clips?  What?  These guys don't talk, and unless you're "special" (read: not right in the head) like Princess Allura or Pidge, their squeaking doesn't make sense.

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