Prince Lotor

The Prince of Doom

About Lotor
Prince Lotor is the son of King Zarkon and crown prince of Planet Doom.  He's next in line for the throne and doesn't let anyone, especially his father, forget it.  Most consider Lotor a good-looking guy, and have said that he looks more like his mother.  Lotor knows this, and considers himself quite a ladies' man.  He has arguably the biggest harem (and ego) in Doom's history, and spends a lot of time there, almost as much time as he spends drinking wine.  He is also deeply in love *cough* obsessed *cough* with Princess Allura of Arus, despite the fact that he's married to Queen Merla.  Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Allura looks a lot like Lotor's mother.  Between that and the constant attempts to kill his father, not to mention the slaves he goes through (with his sword) when he's in a bad mood, I think he has some "issues" to work on.

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So imposing and evil     Armed and dangerous in the breeze     Oh yes, I *am* all that.

Sound Clips
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High on himself as he meets Merla's aide. His priorities are definitely in order.
Lotor's observations about a statue of himself. Looking for Allura after breaking into her castle.
He's a little bit of a control freak... More evidence that he needs therapy.
Lotor's failed tryout at being a Voltron pilot. Here he is being a pain to me and Haggar.
Love doesn't solve all problems, apparently. Lotor introducing me to Allura
Ripping on the Voltron Force captain Commenting on Carp's landing
Don't keep the prince of Doom waiting An evaluation of the witch's mental state
Lotor speaks on honor Another evil laugh
He must've broken a mirror. He doesn't like being told "no."
Talk about ambition! He doesn't trust our friendly neighborhood witch.


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