Evil Fan Fiction 

This archive is primarily for stories featuring us evildoers, but any Voltron fan fiction or crossover that includes a significant Voltron component (Lion or Vehicle team) will be considered.  Especially if it's about me!  Because Cossack the Terrible is the kind of guy who deserves to be immortalized in tales of glory!

These ratings are to give you an idea what to expect when you click on a story.
To avoid confusion and visits from MPAA lawyers, this archive now uses the same rating system used by fanfiction.net.




Doesn't have anything that should offend.
Or in other words, it's Nanny-approved!


May contain some strong language, violence,
implied sexual situations, and/or mature themes,
but overall ok for the kiddies.


Significant amount of cursing, gore, sexual situations,
and/or mature themes, enough to get Coran's underwear
in a knot. Planet Arus would censor this for their kids,
but here on Doom it'd be "educational!"


Don't let Nanny catch you reading this stuff.  Blood,
guts, gore, sex, and/or all that fun stuff abound.


Lemons with explicit material naughty enough to
make King Zarkon blush.


Humorous fluff, parody, or spoof.


    A completed work.
A work in progress.
  An epic work with numerous long chapters. 

If you have some evil fanfic you would like to submit, then send it along to cossack@cheezey.org or cheeezey@yahoo.com.  Like stated above, any Voltron fanfic is eligible to be posted, but evildoer fics are definitely preferred.  There are no restrictions on content or rating so long as appropriate warnings are given.  In fact, the more disturbing material, the better!  We evils like it that way.  Also, stories must be submitted in .htm or .html format.


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