Coran, the castle worry-wart

About Coran
This is the guy that keeps the Castle of Lions on Planet Arus running efficiently.  He's a diplomat, and served under King Alfor before Zarkon eliminated him.  Now he oversees affairs at the Castle of Lions and tries to keep Princess Allura safe by doing things like locking her in her bedroom and sneaking up on her and Keith in private moments.  Most would call this nosy, but he and Nanny call it being "protective" of the princess.  I guess I can understand why he'd be a little wacky, after all, he lost his wife and kid during an attack by King Zarkon years ago, so he has a good excuse for his obsessive behavior when it comes to Princess Allura.  And they say we aren't understanding here on Doom!


No one listens to me...     Coran and Nanny, the wet blanket duo     At the controls in the Castle of Lions

Sound Clips

Coran gives a speech on teamwork.
"The Voltron Force is a team.  Like a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link."


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