The Thundercats 

The Original Thundercats


Lion-O: (voice of Larry Kenney) He's the Lord of the Thundercats, the leader of the group. He used to be the same age as WilyKat and WilyKit, but got warp-aged in his suspension capsule en route to Third Earth, skipping his teen years. As a result he tends to be a bit impulsive and hotheaded, worrying the heck out of Snarf, but as the show progresses he learns how to be more mature, independent, and an excellent leader (and how to make smarmy speeches with the best of 'em!)  His weapon is the Sword of Omens, which holds the magical Eye of Thundera.  The sword can do just about anything.  It tells him when the others need his help, it can summon the others to help him if he gets in trouble, it can blast bad guys with beams of energy, and it even comes to him when he commands it to.  In fact, it does so many things I wouldn't be surprised if one day we see them being sold on the shopping network as a special, for just $99.99 plus tax.


Tygra: (voice of Peter Newman) He's the architect and scientist of the group.  He designed Cat's Lair.  He tends to be a bit shy and keeps to himself more so than the others.  He's also the head of the council and acts as an advisor.  His biggest weakness is an addictive personality (seen in Garden of Delights and Crystal Canyon), which one can guess may stem from a shaky sense of self-confidence.   Don't let that fool you though, because Tygra is a competent and intelligent Thundercat with a strong moral fiber.   His weapon is a bolo-whip that can do many things, including turn him invisible.  He can also project images with his mind, but he hardly ever uses that power.  Another interesting fact about Tygra is that he seems to attract the attention of female fans more so than any other Thundercat... or at least the most devoted ones.  


Cheetara: (voice of Lynne Lipton) The only adult female in the original group, she has the powers of a cheetah: speed, speed, and more speed.  (No, not that kind of speed!)  She was my favorite when I was younger because she was a female character that wasn't a wimp (a rare thing in a lot of shows, especially back then!).  She goes in and fights just as hard as the guys do, and kicks some major butt while she's at it.  In fact she is among my favorite Thundercats to write about.  Her main weapon is a staff which can expand when she wants it to.  She also has the nifty power of being psychic, and she can sense when the other Thundercats are in danger (good back up if the old "sight beyond sight" happens to fail!)  Last but not least, she has some latent telekinetic abilities, as Vultureman and the Lunatacs found out (much to their dismay) in The Telepathy Beam.


Panthro: (voice of Earl Hyman) Panthro is the technical wizard of the Thundercats.  He can build just about anything.  He built all their vehicles and machinery.  Even their enemies have been known to kidnap him to fix their stuff because he's the only one who knows how to do it.  On top of that, he's also very strong and handy with his laser-shooting nunchuks.  Personality-wise, he's very dependable and someone you don't want to get mad at you!  He's been known to charge right in to beat the crap out of bad guys without thinking it through, and Mumm-Ra has used that to his advantage a couple of times.


WilyKat: (voice of Peter Newman) He's one of the Thunderkittens, the two overly-curious kids that manage to get themselves into trouble when they're not out joyriding on their spaceboards.  He fights with his wits (which if you watch Circus Train makes you wonder how great a fighter he would actually be using that as criteria) and pellets that contain various annoying substances such as sleeping and itching powder, grease, and even inflatable dinosaurs and other creatures that confuse or stun an enemy.


WilyKit: (voice of Lynne Lipton) She's WilyKat's twin sister. She has the same weapons he does, and a similar personality except that she can at times come off as a bit more of a know-it-all than her brother.  She's been known to lecture him on occasion, like when he seemed surprised that Lynx-O was smart even though he's blind.


Snarf: (voice of Robert McFadden) His real name is Osbert, but he would rather be called the name of his species.  Don't ask me why.  I have no clue.  His nephew Snarfer suffers from the same affliction, and we don't even know his real name, or if it was just that his parents were so unoriginal that they couldn't come up with something better than a takeoff of their species name!  Snarf is the red and yellow cat-looking creature that used to be Lion-O's nanny back on Thundera.  He has trouble dealing with Lion-O's rapid aging and still thinks of him as a boy even though he's grown up, and tends to smother him.  Snarf always means well, though, so you can't really hold it against him even though his mother hen tendencies do get annoying on occasion.  (Okay, more than "on occasion!")  Although he prefers to avoid conflict, when it comes down to it Snarf is fairly brave, and he's saved the Thundercats more than once (Snarf Takes Up The Challenge, Hair of the Dog, etc.)  He can be pretty funny too... when he's not singing. *shudder*


Jaga: (voice of Earl Hammond) He was the Lord of the Thundercats prior to Lion-O.  He was the one who piloted the ship from Thundera to Third Earth while all the others were in suspension capsules, and died during the voyage to make sure the ship got to its destination.  He hangs around as an astral spirit to give Lion-O support and guidance and to watch over the Thundercats in general.  Basically, he's the Obi Wan Kenobi of Thundercats.

The New Thundercats

These Thundercats, introduced in the Thundercats Ho! movie (also aired as a five-part episode), were in a ship that escaped Thundera just prior to its destruction.  They wound up shipwrecked on Third Earth for a time before they were found and rescued by Lion-O and the rest of the gang.  Afterward, they reside in the Tower of Omens until the Thundercats moved to New Thundera in the final season.


Lynx-O: (voice of Doug Preis) He may be old and blind, but that doesn't stop him from kicking butt!  He uses a Braille board that allows him to take in more information than his sight would have provided, and he also has a light shield weapon on his arm. 


Bengali: (voice of Peter Newman) Bengali is the holder of the Hammer of Thundera, a tool that serves both as a weapon and a magical blacksmithing tool. Other than the fact that Bengali sometimes sounds like he's got a bad sore throat, he's a cool Thundercat.  Once he even fixed the Sword of Omens after TugMug broke it in Mumm-Ra Lives!.


Pumyra: (voice of Gerianne Raphael) She's the other adult female Thundercat, but for some reason she never gets to do nearly as many cool things as Cheetara gets to do.  Poor Pumyra was usually stuck at home or out piloting the Feliner while the others went out and fought the bad guys.  Maybe they thought she was too dainty or something, wearing a dress and all.  They even ditched her and left her and Tygra on Third Earth during the last season.  The last time you see her is for about two seconds in Cracker's Revenge when the Lunatacs are attacking Third Earth's Cat's Lair.  At least Tygra got an entire "I'm visiting" episode during that season!  Poor Pumyra wasn't even in the series finale.  Her weapons (on the rare occasions that she gets to use them) are a lariat and exploding marbles.


Snarfer: (voice of Robert McFadden) He was introduced before Thundercats Ho! but we didn't see him on a regular basis until after those episodes. He's Snarf's college boy nephew.  He's cute, cracks jokes, and does his best to be helpful to his Thundercat friends.  Unfortunately Snarfer can be rather annoying at times too, and he proves that snarfs are indeed capable of evil!  If you haven't seen my When Snarfs Attack page, go there now and find out why.  Much like WilyKat, Snarfer's common sense has been known to take a vacation at times.  If he'd just think before babbling, he could have avoided a lot of trouble in certain episodes (Exile Isle comes to mind!).

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