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The classic 80s Thundercats first aired when I was in fourth or fifth grade and a fast favorite from the first episode. When Cartoon Network put it back on the air in the late 90s I became hooked all over again, and thus this den of debauchery was born!  Now, there is a new Thundercats series airing on Cartoon Network.  If you're a Thundercats fan and haven't checked it out yet, do so!

Thundercats on DVD
Click here for information regarding the US release of Thundercats on DVD

Informational Stuff
Go here to find information on the TV show such as character biographies and toy information.  You can also learn all about your weird webmistress in this section, and the awards this site has won.

Downloads + Goodies
Here you'll find an assortment of things to download.  Included are my screen capture galleries, wacky sounds, Thundercats music videos, some clips from the show, and scans of some of the 80s Thundercats comics and posters.

Things to Read
Fan work enthusiasts can click here for one of the oldest Thundercats fanfic/fan art archives on the net.  My own personal thoughts and musings on the show are also located here.  Last but definitely not least, this section is home to the infamous Third Earth Inquirer and its subsections, the Advice Column and Thunder-Personals page.

Fun 'n Games
Here are all those zany fan-inspired features my page first became known for: Caption the Photo, The Thundercats Drinking Game, and the Weird Stuff page.  Also to be found in this section is information on the now-defunct New Thundera RPG, the Thundercats Postcard Page, my virtual family, and other fun things like the Evil Twins page, Endorsements, and the Thundercats Parody page.

Zoning Out
If you're ready to head out of the Thundercats Zone, here is where you'll find my Page'o'Links and all the webrings and associations, affiliates, and all that other virtual back-scratching type stuff that this site belongs to.

What's New?
Go here to see what I added to the site most recently.  It's easier than browsing the site and hunting for it.  Trust me.

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