Warrior Maiden Picture Gallery

This gallery features all of the screen captures I've grabbed of the Warrior Maidens.  I always thought they were cool and fun to write and roleplay.  As a bonus, a few gratuitous T&A shots for those who dig the hot chicks are included.  Don't say I never gave you any fanservice!

The warrior maidens shooting arrows     Queen Willa on her throne     Willa and Nayda in blankets

Willa with the Sword of Omens     Willa and Nayda again     These two must be inseperable

A profile shot of Willa     Willa looking sweet     Even warrior maidens can trip and fall on occasion

Some warrior maidens firing on Mutants     Willa with a "yeah right" look on her face     Willa in Mumm-Ra's Pyramid

She is *not* happy.     You want me to do WHAT?     And all he left behind was this whip...

Wide-eyed Nayda     Nayda out in the woods     You like me, you really like me!

Shooting their pointy arrows again     Willa debates a serious matter on her throne     About to shoot Lion-O where it counts

Apparently Lion-O's not as cool as he thinks he is.     They look like they're up to something...     Oh my god, Lion-O, isn't he cuuuuute?

Willa giving the camera a come-hither look     Jackalman tries to have a roll in the hay with Willa after she shows some leg!     Bored on her throne this time

Nayda's hair grows as she swings on vines     Ooops, did I just shoot Snarf?     Nayda trying to look serious

Maybe Willa should invest in some Flasherwear...     I had no idea they had silicone on Third Earth!     Willa all smiley

Nayda shooting down something     Getting carried away here, aren't we?     Nayda means business!

Nayda tries to convince Hachiman that he's a proud idiot     Willa and Nayda ponder the mystery of Lion-O's hair     Tsk tsk, sleeping on guard duty

Some warrior maidens from a distance     Willa and Nayda at the council in "The Last Day"     Two warrior maidens guard a tabbot

Nayda stares wide-eyed at the fishie in the stream     Even the princess sleeps on the job!     Nayda after her first visit to the tanning salon

Willa is just not convinced     Crouching Willa, hidden arrow     Willa attempts to look intimidating

You've got to be kidding me, right?     Nayda in negotiations with a tabbot     Willa telling her deep dark secrets

 Willa and Nayda posing on a tree branch     Even queens have temper tantrums sometimes     Snap to it!

Willa speaking at the Thundercat council     Willa gets some bad news     Gearing up for battle

Nayda leading the way


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