Panthro Picture Gallery

This is for all the Panthro fans out there, such as Zhie, who like the no-nonsense panther who kicks butt and shows no mercy!

Yes, I read... novels mostly!     Looks a bit stern here     Someone's about to get their ass whupped...

A shot inside one of the vehicles     Looking angry     Even angrier!

Panthro entertaining baby Lion-O     Panthro relaxing with a drink     A "what the heck?" kind of look

Panthro holding an unconscious Snarf     He's not taking any crap from Mumm-Ra     Contemplating a new project

Panthro ready to kick Bengali     Another cool shot of Panthro     Whoops!  Guess he tripped...

Panthro winking at the audience     Looking a bit stressed     Trying to come up with one of his famous inventive solutions

Any last words before I leave?     Thundercub Panthro     Not someone you wanna mess with

Doing some repairs for Cheetara     Panthro mid-strike     Letting Lion-O know he screwed up again

Wearing metal and not looking happy about it     Hiding from a whining Snarf     Getting ready to kick Queen Luna's ass.

Panthro's Toonami profile     Another serious shot of Panthro     Giving the thumbs-up again

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