Lion-O Picture Gallery

What Thundercats Gallery section would be complete without their leader?  Lion-O never really held any special interest for me, but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't include him, with him being the Lord of the Thundercats and all.  So for all you Lion-O fans (like you, Purrsia and Axelle!) here are my screen captures of him.

Lion-O absorbed in thought     Lion-O after he reverted to a little kid in "Time Switch"     A close up of Lion-O

Looks angry, doesn't he?     Lion-O looks like he's up to something     Lion-O looks very serious

Lion-O shocked     Lion-O, carrying Snarf and taking on the Lunatacs     Lion-O contemplating the Sword of Omens

Lion-O's pouty face after TugMug broke his sword.... awwww!     Lion-O showing off that buff chest of his     Lion-O with the claw shield

Lion-O tries to make a point     Lion-O chained up     Lion-O listening to Lynx-O's advice

Lion-O in a light cage     Lion-O using sight beyond sight     Guess it wasn't wise to hit on Chilla...

He's thinking about something...     Lion-O glaring nastily     Would this face lie?

An evil Lion-O     Oh Lion-O, your sword is so big!     Waiting for Snarf to serve his dinner

You're so hot when you arm wrestle, Lion-O!     He's entirely too smug about something.     Pointing the finger of suspicion

Oooh baby, flex those muscles!     Hanging around in one of Mumm-Ra's traps     Deep in thought

Brr, it's cold in there!     Chilla wasn't even nearby this time!     Turn up the heat, for the love of Jaga!

Fine, if you won't get the space heater, I will!     Striking a dramatic pose     Lion-O against the sunset

Dude, your hair doesn't match your skin.     Wrong color... not supposed to be blue!    Doing his Tarzan Boy impression!

Are you *sure* this outfit makes me look cool, WilyKat?     When he said he was into bondage, this wasn't quite what he had in mind.    Mine mine mine MINE!

Lion-O does his Tarzan imitation     Chained up and helpless!    Swinging the Sword of Omens

It's not what you think, really!     Don't make fun of my shirt!     Lion-O's reaction to reading

Lion-O as a statue     And I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!

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