Cheetara Picture Gallery

Cheetara is one of my favorites among the Thundercats. She is one of the coolest female hero characters on a cartoon ever, serving as a great role model for girls to relate to without falling victim to the hopeless romantic damsel in distress trope so common with female characters in cartoons of that era.  Not only can she run circles around evildoers, but she also has psychic powers.  Here are some shots of her.

Cheetara is ready to help as always     Cheetara looking somewhat flirtatious     Cheetara making a remark in the midst of a run

  Cheetara unimpressed by Pumyra     Cheetara holding baby Lion-O     A wide-eyed shot

Her eyes glowing with power     Fighting one of the bees from Hell!     Cheetara looking very determined

In the middle of a run     Having a pleasant dream     Looks like she's doing a funky dance to me

She's worried about something     Cheetara as a Thundercub     Standing in the woods

Trying to tell Lion-O to use his head     Cheetara running     Cheetara speaking up at a meeting

Cheetara hypnotized by the beacon of Ravage Island     A second shot of Cheetara mid-run     Cheetara in the Thundertank

Cheetara weilding her staff     Cheetara imprisoned     A funny shot of Cheetara about to take off

Cheetara's hair flowing in the breeze     Cheetara about to be hypnotized by Alluro     Struggling with her psychic impulses again

She wants to show you something...     Resting on a branch     Explaining something to Panthro

Twirling her staff in action     Her stats as given by Cartoon Network     Checking out her staff's new communication abilities

How dare you say that to me?!     Cheetara eyes the bird flying above her head warily.     She looks pretty happy about something!

Totally caught by surprise!      Can you believe what's on the internet these days?

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