Bengali Picture Gallery

It was once said of the Thundercats fandom that, "Chicks dig the tigers."  It must be true, because I am female and I also find Bengali to be mighty cool for a Thundercat.  Those tigers are handsome, for anthro cat men!  I've snapped a lot of screen shots of both him and Tygra.  So for all you Bengali fans out there, here's his gallery.  

Bengali looking angry     I think Bengali's had better days...     Bengali looking somewhat serious

"And he kept babbling about masks and books and what *are* the hills of Elfshima?!"     Bengali trying not to be hypnotized by Alluro     Bengali flashing a cute smile

A close up of Bengali     Bengali has no idea what to make of Panthro's laughing fit     Bengali ready to kick butt and take names with his hammer

Raise your hand if you're sure!     Bengali looking very serious again     Bengali grumpy that he can't go and kick some bad guy ass with the others.

Bengali looking all tough. He likes that look.     Bengali explaining something     Bengali looks possessed

Bengali firing his hammer     Bengali's ready to pounce!     Bengali is completely confused

He looks like he's gonna cry... awwww!     Blindfolded!     Bengali watching carefully

Gun totin' Benny!     Grrrr!     Bengali brooding in the dark

Don't give into the fear!     Bengali grouchy, imagine that     Bengali in mining gear

He's just received some shocking news...

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