Kaynar's Gallery

Kaynar is Jackalman's incarnation for the 2011 series.  He was introduced in "New Alliances" as a crazy canine criminal guilty of crimes considered vile even to Mumm-Ra.  He had Slithe free him from the jail he was being held in so that he could help him defeat the Thundercats.  Kaynar is much more savage than his classic series self, and more than a touch insane.

Chained up in jail     A close-up of his profile     A fuller shot of chained-up Kaynar

 Free and ready to kill     Here, kitty, kitty!     Look at my pointy stick!

He likes it when Tygra whips him     Look into his crazy eyes     Standing over a captive Tygra

Sneering     Snarling     He likes beating up Tygra

Looking into the distance     Don't mess with Kaynar     Greeting Lion-O and Pumyra in Mt. Plundarr

Ready to tear someone apart     Taking a swing


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