A Weird Story Collaboration:
Part One
Beth & Tracy

"AT LAST!!!!!"

The joyful screams rang across the land.  Princess Tashi, keeper of the Doomgaze, had finally been freed from her Time Warp prison, where she had languished for years.

Tashi took out her compact mirror and carefully inspected her exotic beauty.  One of the benefits of the Time Warp was that she hadn't aged a bit since being trapped in it.  Her deadly violet eyes were still as captivating as they had always been.

She was glad of it, for her first and foremost plans were to go out and find a suitable man on which to use her Doomgaze power on. Unfortunately, the male crocodile guards inside the Time Warp prison were all eunuchs.  Tashi was horny as hell!

The first available male that came to her mind was that Mumm-Ra sorcerer.  He had the most spectacular body she'd ever seen! And his tight skirt, clinging to what she'd decided was a most delightfully firm ass, only aroused her ardor even more.  During the long, boring days in the prison, she'd often fantasized about his hard body on top of hers as he made passionate love to her.

Tashi smiled lasciviously.  Mumm-Ra it was, then.  She immediately set off in search of the Black Pyramid.

Meanwhile, at the pyramid, Mumm-Ra was throwing another one of his temper tantrums.  He was furious after the Thundercats had sicced the Luna Blow-Up Doll on him!  He couldn't even think about sex now without getting horny first, then frustrated because horrifying memories of the  encounter with that toy from hell wilted his hard-on.

"Dammit!"  Mumm-Ra screamed.  "I've done just about everyone on Third Earth!  There *must* be someone out there who has the power to turn me on again!"

Just then there was a bubbling in the cauldron.  Mumm-Ra went over to it and saw the most gorgeous woman he'd ever laid eyes on.  In fact, he remembered her well.....the Princess Tashi, possessor of the Doomgaze.

Mumm-Ra grinned.  If anyone could excite him, it would be her.  He'd wanted to do her the first time they met, but he'd been suspicious that she would have used her Doomgaze power on him just to make him free her from the Time Warp prison, even though that had been his original intention because he'd planned to have her enslave the Thundercats.
Unfortunately, that bitch Cheetara had proven that the Doomgaze was useless against the female Thundercats.  Unless......

Mumm-Ra allowed the entrance to the pyramid to open and whisked Tashi into the main room.  She arched a finely shaped brow.  "My, you certainly don't waste any time!" she exclaimed.

"I don't believe in it, my dear.  What can I do for you?"

"I need a man.  A * real * man," Tashi purred.  She took in his muscular form, giving him a head-to-toe scorching gaze.  What a body!  She couldn't wait to find out what was underneath that short skirt!  She turned the full force of her hypnotic eyes on Mumm-Ra.  "I want you, Mumm-RRRRRRa," she said, drawing out the R in his name, "for my willing, submissive, lover."

Mumm-Ra felt like he was being drowned in the sensual depths of her violet eyes.  He shook off the spell and smiled cannily at Tashi.  "My dear, there is no need to use your powers on me.  I am quite agreeable to spending time as your sexual plaything.  Let's make a deal:  I will satisfy you in bed if you will share the Doomgaze power with me."

Tashi thought it over.  "You wouldn't use it to get other women, would you?"

"Of course not," Mumm-Ra lied, crossing his fingers behind his back.

"Very well,"  Tashi said, and in the next instant, shucked off her gown.  "You first."

Bingo!  The everliving source of evil had a hard-on the size of one of his obelisks!  He gave Tashi a lecherous look as he undid the belt around his skirt and let it drop to the floor.  He kicked it out of his path as he approached the naked princess.  Tashi pressed her body against his and moaned.  "Do everything to me," she panted.  "It's been so long!"

Mumm-Ra snapped his fingers and the next instant they were in a plush bedroom with a huge four-poster bed in the center.  Black satin sheets covered every square inch of the mattress, and nearby was a stand with flavored massage oils-the kind you could lick off-on top of it.  He scooped up Tashi and tossed her onto the bed.  She giggled and tried to take hold of him, but he pinned her down.  "Not just yet, my pet."  He took several of his bandages and tied Tashi spread-eagled to the bed.  "The trick, my dear, is not to break your bonds.  If you're a good girl, you'll get a reward."

Tashi's eyes glittered.  "What if I'm a bad girl?" she husked.  The look Mumm-Ra gave her was enough to tell her that the punishment would be well worth it!

He bent his head down and started to lick a path across her body, moving to her breasts and stroking the tip of his tongue around her erect nipples.  Tashi arched her back and moaned loudly.  Her ever-living lover obliged her unspoken wish and sucked hard on them.  He continued his southern route and buried his face in her bush, inhaling the musky female scent.  "Yes, yes, yes!" cried Tashi, straining against her bonds.  The ecstasy of being completely at his mercy!  The devil priest pushed her legs open wider to get a better taste of her.

Tashi went wild at the first damp stroke of Mumm-Ra's tongue.  She heaved and bucked as he leisurely explored her with his mouth.  "Enough!  I want you inside me now!" Tashi screamed.

Mumm-Ra lifted his head and gave her a look of amusement.  "But I thought you wanted me to do everything to you."

"I changed my mind," Tashi groaned as she felt him slide a finger into her wetness.  "It's a woman's prerogative, you know.....ooooohhhh, that feels soooo good," she sighed as he moved his finger back and forth.

"Very well, my dear."  He withdrew his finger and undid Tashi's bonds. She was on him like a rabid cat.  "Take me now, Mumm-Ra!" Tashi ordered him as she raked her nails down his back.  He rolled onto his back and took her with him.  Tashi eagerly mounted him and rode him with an intensity like none he'd ever felt before.

"Oh Mumm-Ra, oh yes, harder... oooh, just like that...." Tashi panted as she rocked back and forth, the tension building inside her.

Mumm-Ra sensed her impending orgasm and decided to push her over the edge. He thrust into her roughly one final time, and Tashi screamed with pleasure as she achieved her climax. Mumm-Ra then let go as well, and filled her with his ever-living love juice. "Heh heh, well Tashi, how was that for a welcome home from your time-warp prison gift?" he asked, grinning.

"That was amazing, Mumm-Ra. You wore me out. I think I'm going to take a little nap now." Tashi said, rolling over on the bed and dozing off.

"You do that, Tashi." Mumm-Ra said quietly, already thinking about making another conquest. He waited until Tashi was asleep, then teleported himself outside the pyramid. "Heh heh heh, watch out Third Earth, Mumm-Ra, now with the power of the Doom Gaze, is out to have some fun! MWAHAHAHAAAAA!"

Mumm-Ra's mind raced, thinking of who could be next. Then, with his supernatural hearing, he heard moans coming from the area of Third Earth known as DarkSide. He had a brief and terrifying flash of the Luna Blow-Up Doll, but his libido made him decide to check it out anyway. Besides, the moans were both too low in pitch to be coming from her, so he felt safe. He transported himself to the source of the sound, a room in one of the top level chambers of Skytomb, and saw Chilla on the bed with WilyKat. What Mumm-Ra noticed next was that Chilla looked rather unhappy. Her face was twisted into a dissatisfied frown, and WilyKat was laying next to her, half on top of her, panting. He gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry babe, I just couldn't hold on any more, ya

Chilla's eyes filled with fury. If there was one thing she hated, it was the "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" scenario, and this was not the first time WilyKat had been guilty of it. She'd clocked him at exactly sixty-three seconds this time, his worst ever. "Sorry?" she hissed. "I'll show you sorry, WilyKat! You used to be a real hot little toy... but now, you're just getting annoying." she growled, and inhaled, about to freeze him where it would ensure that it would stay stiff long enough for her to have some fun with it.

Mumm-Ra then made his presence known. "Now now, Chilla, no need to frost the kitten yet... how about you and I give him a demonstration on doing it right?" he asked, giving her a lewd smile.

Chilla stared at him like he'd grown an extra head. She was not the least bit attracted to Mumm-Ra, and she never had been. He may have had a decent body, but he was ugly as hell and had a personality even more repulsive than that of Luna, with an ego even bigger than Alluro's, which was hard to surpass. "Get the hell out of here, Mumm-Ra! I'd sooner fuck Lion-O." she snarled rudely.

Mumm-Ra frowned. She dared to turn him down and insult him? Him, the all powerful Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living? Well that would change! He'd make her want him, and bad! He tapped into his newly-given power, the Doom Gaze. "Chilla... look into my eyes..." he said commandingly.

She couldn't help but stare into his ruby-red eyes and began to feel her will and resolve slipping away. Somehow, sleeping with Mumm-Ra started to sound appealing. So appealing, in fact, that she couldn't imagine *not* doing it. "Mumm-Ra..." she whispered as she was fully under the influence of the Doom Gaze.

"I knew you'd see it my way." Mumm-Ra laughed, and climbed on the bed with Chilla. He saw WilyKat was still there, and shoved him off the bed. "Now, boy, let me show you how a real man does it. Take notes, kid."

WilyKat scowled. "Hey! She's my date! I was here first!" he whined.

Mumm-Ra ran his hands across Chilla's smooth body and gently, then squeezed her breasts just hard enough for the pain to be a turn on. She groaned, and began planting soft, cool kisses all over his neck and chest. "Looks like she's happy to be mine now." Mumm-Ra laughed rudely.

WilyKat stood, collected his clothes and weapons, and turned towards the door. "Oh yeah? Well we'll see, won't we?" he said defiantly, and stomped out, a plan of how to get Chilla back in his bed already forming in his mind. He wasn't going to let Mumm-Ra get away with this!

Mumm-Ra refused to take the Thunderkitten's threat seriously, and continued to enjoy having his way with the Doom-Gazed Chilla. She had worked her way downward, pressing her lips against his six-pack abs. Mumm-Ra pressed on her head, forcing it down, until it found his stiff rod. She immediately began to lick and suck on it, tracing her tongue up and down the shaft, then sucking lightly on the head. Mumm-Ra drew a ragged breath and let out a soft grunt, denoting his approval. He eased more of himself in and demanded that she take it. She obliged his whim, and deep throated him, much to his delight. After a bit more of the oral favors, Mumm-Ra allowed himself the pleasure of a climax, and came into her throat, growling with a still barely-satisfied lust.

He pulled out of her mouth and pressed Chilla down onto the bed, still eager to screw her and add the cold bitch of a lunatac to his list of conquests. Chilla, still under the influence of the Doom Gaze, obeyed his orders and laid invitingly on the bed, legs spread and arms outstretched, waiting for what the Doom Gaze was making her feel that she needed so badly. Mumm-Ra climbed on top of her and slammed into her roughly, again and again, making her cry out from the intense pain and pleasure the act was giving. Mumm-Ra was enjoying it himself, he was surprised at how much fun it was to have that part of his anatomy "cooled off" by her body during the act. It gave an S&M feel to the interlude, and Mumm-Ra definately was into that.  "How does it feel to be fucked properly, Chilla?"

Chilla thrashed beneath him, growling and hissing, while Mumm-Ra dodged the random blasts of ice and fire she spat from her mouth and hands in her arousal. After what felt to Chilla like a delicious eternity of sexual satisfaction and orgasmic delight Mumm-Ra decided to finish with her and let himself go inside her with an intense burst, pleasing them both.

Mumm-Ra then slipped out of her and stood. He began thinking about his next conquest, making a love slave out of Cheetara to repay her for rejecting him and siccing the Luna doll on him, which ended his concentration on the Doom Gaze, so Chilla fell out of his influence. She came out of  it and shook her head. "What the...?" she mumbled, and then realized what she'd done while she was out of it. She looked up in horror. "Great moon gods, I didn't! I couldn't! NOOOO!"

"Heh heh, but you did, and with great gusto, I might add." Mumm-Ra said with a maddening smirk. "Thank the ancients for that Doom Gaze."

Chilla was furious. First Alluro had hypnotized her with his psyche club to get her into bed when she was warp-gassed, and now Mumm-Ra had gotten her almost the same way with the Doom Gaze! "You creep!" she hissed at Mumm-Ra "You hypnotized me to have sex with you? Why does that keep happening to me?!"

"Admit it, Chilla... you're easy!" Mumm-Ra laughed.

Chilla let out an infuratied snarl, and spat ice in his direction. "Get out, you creep."

"You're only mad because you enjoyed it more with me than with your little stud kitten." Mumm-Ra taunted her.

Chilla hissed at him again, and some of it froze his arm. "I said GET OUT!!!" she yelled.

Mumm-Ra defrosted himself and frowned at her. "All right Chilla, if that's the way you want it. I wanted to get some new action anyway. Don't come crying to me the next time your Thunderkitten can't get it up, or Alluro ends up in Lion-O's bed instead of yours." With that, he teleported out of Skytomb and looked for Cheetara.

Mumm-Ra laughed himself all the way to Cats' Lair.  "It's payback time, Cheetara!  No one dumps Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living and All-Studly!"

He teleported himself just outside her room and pushed open the door a crack to get a glimpse, where, wonder of wonders, she was reclining on the bed wearing a skimpy red lingerie outfit.  She appeared to be waiting for someone........like him!

Cheetara looked at the clock on her wall and scowled.  "Dammit, Tygra should have been here by now!"  The architect hadn't been her first choice for the night, but Wilykat was out and about, and she was pretty horny.  "Probably banging that bitch Chilla," she snorted.

Mumm-Ra chose that moment to make himself known.  "Actually, *I* was banging Chilla, heh heh........and now I've come for you!"

Cheetara glared at him.  "Forget it, Mumm-Ra!  I'd have to be drugged to screw your horny ass again!"

"That can be arranged, my dear."  Mumm-Ra stared hard into her eyes, and the next thing Cheetara knew, she couldn't wait to get it on with him.  In fact, she wondered why she'd put him off for so long!

"C'mere and show me how a *real* man does it," Cheetara purred as she stretched out on the bed.

"First things first," Mumm-Ra said with a leer.  "I want you to give me a little show........a strip show, heh heh!"

Obediently Cheetara rolled off the bed and came over to him.  The devilish devil priest seated himself on a chair nearby and watched hungrily as she straddled his lap and proceeded to bump and grind her moist crotch against his.  Slowly Cheetara unhooked her lacy bra, which fastened in front, and her breasts sprang free into Mumm-Ra's cupped hands.  He kneaded them while she moaned and slid her fingers into the straps of her thong bikini panties and stripped them off with a flourish.  Nude, she continued to contort her body into suggestive positions with Mumm-Ra, who was getting hornier by the second. He thrust one of his thumbs into Cheetara's steaming wet pussy and worked it back and forth while she howled in ecstacy as she kept dancing for his pleasure.

Meanwhile, just outside the door, Tygra halted as he was about to turn the knob.  He hadn't meant to keep Cheetara waiting, but that video of him and Ben-Gali in the shower was oh so much fun to watch.......especially in slow-motion!  Hearing noises, he poked open the door a bit more and saw to his surprise that Cheetara had already started without him!  This wasn't so much of a surprise itself, but this time she had someone else........Mumm-Ra!

Tygra was ready to charge into the room but then thought better of it.  He'd had Mumm-Ra himself, and it was pretty damn fun.  He decided to stick around and watch their evil enemy in action.  He felt his own tool getting hard as he watched a naked Cheetara thrashing wildly on top of Mumm-Ra.  "Oh yeah, fuck her good," Tygra whispered feverishly as he stroked himself.

Mumm-Ra was getting tired of finger-fucking Cheetara, and decided it was time for something else.  He stood up and grabbed her and went over to the bed, tossing her unceremoniously onto it.  He then yanked off his own meager clothing and grinned evilly at her.  "This, my dear, is what you've been missing every time you turn me down," he said as he showed off his "Jewels of the Nile".

Cheetara squealed with glee and reached for him, but Mumm-Ra held her off. "Oh no you don't!  You have to beg me first!"  Then he pinned her down on the bed and began tracing his tongue over every square inch of her body.  He circled her erect nipples a few times, then moved his head lower.  "Please, Mumm-Ra, I can't take much more," Cheetara panted.  "I need you to fuck me now!"

"Show me how much you want me," Mumm-Ra responded, and Cheetara immediately flipped him over and got into a sixty-nine position with him.  Outside,Tygra's eyes widened with arousal as he watched her wrap her versatile tongue around that ever-living erection.  Mumm-Ra sucked hard on her snatch while she ate him at the same time.

It soon became a contest to see who would get the other off first.  Cheetara sucked harder and Mumm-Ra thrust his tongue deeper into her.  Their intense groaning only turned Tygra on all the more, as he fixed his eyes on the one object that was of particular interest to him.........

His firm, muscular, tight ass! "Ohhhh yeahhhh." Tygra breathed heavily as he stared from the doorway. He leaned forward, and the door tumbled open, exposing the horny Thundercat. Both Mumm-Ra and Cheetara looked up in astonishment. "I, uh, hope I'm not too late..." Tygra mumbled.

"No Tygra honey, you're just in time." Cheetara giggled. "Just in time to watch me and Mumm-Ra fuck like bunnies. Too bad you didn't get here earlier."

Mumm-Ra got an even more wicked idea. "Well now, Cheetara, there's no need to be rude to our striped friend.  In fact, I think there's enough room for him on the bed to join us, don't you?"

Tygra wanted to have sex with them, but felt a little unsure. Wasn't sleeping with the enemy kinda wrong?  Wouldn't Bengali get jealous?

Mumm-Ra sensed Tygra's indecision and decided to give him a little "encouragement". He opened his eyes wide, and stared at Tygra, tapping to the power of the Doom Gaze.  Although it wasn't supposed to work on members of the same gender, he knew Tygra had some definite homosexual leanings and figured that would nullify that rule. "Tygra... look at me, Tygra." Mumm-Ra ordered.

Tygra stared into his ruby eyes and the decision was made. "Mumm-Ra... Oh I want you, Mumm-Ra!" Tygra exclaimed, and drew his whip. He cracked it and brought it down on Mumm-Ra's ass. The demon priest yelped with excited surprise and lifted his lips from Cheetara's quivering pussy.

Still under the effects of the Doom Gaze and hot for Mumm-Ra, she was ticked off that he stopped eating her. "Hey, what about me?" Cheetara asked indignantly.

Mumm-Ra smiled down at her. "The more, the merrier, Cheetara dear. I just invited Tygra to have some fun with us. Now, let's get down to business, heh heh heh." He raised himself partially and grabbed Cheetara, spread her legs farther, and shoved himself in. He began to pump in and out, pounding her hard and making her howl with ecstasy. "Come on Tygra, don't just stand there idle, take the body you want so badly." Mumm-Ra called out, grinning.

Tygra needed no further encouragement, and leapt onto the bed.  He positioned himself behind Mumm-Ra and began sliding his hands across his toned, tight ass and savored the feel of it beneath his hands. "Man you sure don't feel like a dried up old corpse..." he muttered pinching each cheek and digging in his claws while Mumm-Ra moved beneath him, fucking Cheetara.

"I know I'm hot Tygra, don't waste time!" Mumm-Ra grumbled. He was still horny as hell and he wanted them both fucking him now dammit! Although his ego liked having his studly form admired, he wanted the sex more.

Tygra heard him, and lubed his thick rod up and grabbed Mumm-Ra's ass, holding it steady while the devil priest slammed in and out of the moaning cheetah beneath him. Once Tygra got a firm grasp, he eased his stiff tool into Mumm-Ra and began to thrust in rhythm with him, while Mumm-Ra did Cheetara. Tygra then pressed his striped body against Mumm-Ra's back and closed his eyes, loving the feel of sliding in and out of his tight ass, again and again.

Continued.......see part 2

Who will Mumm-Ra seduce next? Will Tashi find out? Will the other Thundercats find out about his evil scheme before itís too late? Will WilyKat get revenge? Stay tuned for the next episode!

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