THUNDERCATS : The Sexual Adventures of WilyKat


By  LemonLord


Part I   The mysterious Pussy Ring


Disclaimer: this is an adult hentai lemon fan fiction for ages 18+  If you are underage you will probably read it anyway but at least you have been warned.

Another note is that the thundaren year is longer then an earth year so that though WilyKat is sixteen by thundaren standards in earth years he would be 18.  


WilyKat was in  his bedroom making out with the naked Cheetara As the passionately kissed she reached beneath his tunic and pulled out his fully erect dick.  She began to stroke it and jacked him off after which she straddled him and lowered herself down and slowly WilyKat’s boner entered her wet hot pussy. Cheetara began to thrust up and down on WilyKat’s boner slamming down forced it all the way into her pussy and thrusting up she pulled it all the way out. WilyKat overcome with pleasure closed his eyes for just a moment and when they opened it was not Cheetara taking his cock into her pussy but instead Pumyra was riding his dick. As   Pumyra continued to ride him WilyKat pulled her close and began to suckle one of her breasts, he enjoyed hearing her moan as he licked and sucked her nipples.  She moaned and moaned, “Oh yes WilyKat give it to me!”  “OOH don’t stop sucking Kat”  “Oh I’m a slut fuck me WilyKat and don’t stop!” “Please don’t stop fucking your slutty sister!” WilyKat looked up and it was not Pumyra or Cheetara he was fucking but his own sister WilyKit!  Rather  than being revolted by this development it turned WilyKat on more than Pumyra or Cheetara could combined. WilyKat was so titillated and so exited that he could no longer hold himself and shot his full load of cum into his sisters tight wet pussy.  Then Kit and the others were all gone and WilyKat found himself falling into a red mist as he fell he heard a voice, “WilyKat you are the twelfth descendant of Thundara’s greatest king, you have been chosen to inherit his perverted legacy” “On this your Sixteenth birthday you will sacrifice your innocence on the alter of depravity and become a true pervert!”


WilyKat opened his eyes and found himself in his own bed, which he could feel was soiled with his ejaculation.  It had all been a wet dream and WilyKat was disappointed as he was now sixteen and remained a virgin. 


god that dream was hot… kinky too but the end there was real weird”


WilyKat got out of bead and put on his tunic so not to be naked. He still had a hard on so his tunic tented out a bit.  WilyKat wondered what should be done about the situation, “I can’t walk around catslair looking like this, but I’m still feeling so horny I don’t think it will go down.    WilyKat walked over to his desk, picked up a jar of oil, and grinned.  around this time of night someone’s bound to be screwing Cheetara if I can figure out who then I can enjoy a private show. ”


WilyKat walked out into the hallway and stood for a moment listening for sounds of ecstasy.  For a good while he couldn’t make anything out but suddenly the silence was broken by a cry of “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

“That’s got to be Lion-O’s room and from the sounds of it I  cant waist time if I want to see anything good!”  WilyKat Dashes off in the direction of Lion-O’s room running at his top speed, unfortunately as athletic and speedy as WilyKat is he still is not as speedy as Lion-O in bed. By the time WilyKat reaches Lion-O’s room a sweaty and naked Cheetara is already walking down the hall.  She spots WilyKat running and stifles a laugh then stops him.

sorry WilyKat you missed the show but if you want you can touch my boob, I might even let you lick one”


At that suggestion WilyKat looks a little annoyed, “you let me do that stuff when I was a kid.. in case you haven’t noticed I’m an adult and I don’t want to settle on just touching your tits I  want you to let me have sex with you like all the other guys do, why is it that I’m that you wont let fuck you?” 


Cheetara stared at WilyKat a little shocked then gave him a tender smile.

“Look Kat I’m a nympho but I have my limits, I’ve always tried to be like a mother to you and your sister and even though your growing up I cant stop viewing you as a child.”


This statement annoyed WilyKat more then anything else especially considering that for as long as he could remember he has viewed Cheetara as an object of sexual fantasy.

In frustration WilyKat pulls, his stiff 9inch cock out of his tunic an points it at Cheetara.



“Look at this see how big it is can you still say that I’m a child, Cheetara please just let me put it in you!”


“HAHAHAHA”, Cheetara laughs, “that is a big one.. and on anyone else id be dieing to get it in me.. but I just cant think of you that way Kat.. maybe when your Lion-O’s age ”


WilyKat grimaced, “Technically I’m a few months older then Lion-O, why was it his pod that malfunctioned and not mine”


Cheetara patted WilyKat on the head as if he were a child, “jealousy wont get you any ware Kat you should go to bed.. oh and happy birthday ”



WilyKat walked of more angry and frustrated then ever.

why does Cheetara have to be such a condescending bitch?”  “She was the biggest slut on three planets but she still wont have sex with me..” WilyKat hangs his head, “I’m truly a pathetic loser”


then WilyKat pulls his head up as he notices some new sounds.




“Oh Yeah”


“Fuck Me Bengali!”


Slowly a smile came to WilyKat’s face as he snuck over to Pumyra’s room.

He found it fairly easy to quietly sneak beneath the bedroom curtain. (Thundarens not believing in having doors on personal rooms viewing them as being fairly public meeting places)


WilyKat quietly peeped through the curtain to view Bengali shoving his meat into Pumyra, “wow I could really get into watching them”


WilyKat indented this as a thought but in his excitement said it out loud.

They both looked over at him wide eyed for a moment then Pumyra spoke up, “no need to hide yourself WilyKat come in we love to be watched”

WilyKat entered the room and immediately began to jack himself off to the sight before him. Bengali was behind Pumyra fucking her doggy style his 10inch dick slamming into her tight pussy. “I love being in your pussy Pumyra, tight and wet it’s the best feeling in the universe!”  don’t you agree WilyKat?”


WilyKat, a little embarrassed blushes and explains his current situation, “Actually I’m still a virgin so I don’t really know what a pussy feels like… I’ve never even had a blowjob”


Bengali paused for a moment and looked at WilyKat, “really Kat… not even a blow job wow you really are desperate then.. tell you what because today is your birthday I’ll let Pumyra give you one”


A surprised and extremely happy look came over WilyKat, smiling he walked up to the side of the bed and stood next to Pumyra. “Thank you soo much Bengali and you too Pumyra you have no idea how much this means!”


Suddenly Pumyra grabs WilyKat’s cock and starts to jack it off. “Kat are you ready for your birthday preasent?” Pumyra stuck out her tongue and slowly began to lick the length of his dick.


“Oh god!” he gasped as she quickened the pace of her licks. 


“I want you to know that I would let you fuck me Kat but Bengali wants my pussy all to himself ”


Bengali then stepped up his thrusting, “That’s right WilyKat this pussy belongs to me so don’t get  any ideas  just because I’m letting her blow you off. But tell you what I’ll let you have the mouth any time you catch us in the act.”


WilyKat smiles, “you’re a real friend Bengali thanks!” then suddenly Pumyra took his whole dick into her hungry moth, WilyKat gasped in pleasure as she bright her mouth down on his dick and slowly pulled it away. “Oh god if this is a blowjob then sex must be better the heaven!” Pumyra licked his head as she continued to suck on it then she began to massage his balls as she straightened her neck into deep throat position and plunged down taking in all 9 inches of WilyKat’s dick.

 “OOOOH!” WilyKat moaned as he began to shoot his load down pumyra’s throat. “I’m Cumming!” he Screamed as every last but of sperm came pouring out into her throat. Swallowing all  of WilyKat’s jizz sent Pumyra over the edge and she orgasmed on  Bengali’s cock her wet tight pussy squeezing his dick to the point of no return. Bengali forced himself in as deep as possible and then roared as he shot his cum into her.



For a few minutes after that encounter WilyKat seemed pretty satisfied and went a to the kitchen to get something to eat, after awhile though his mind drifted back to his kinky encounter and his hard on came back. “Great now what am I going to do I’ll never get that blowjob out of my head… I should be satisfied but I just want more ”


With his tunic again tenting out WilyKat decided to play voyeur again and went searching for the sounds of sex. It wasn’t long before he heard buzzing and moaning sounds coming from WilyKit’s room.  what could kit be up to?”  peeping in he saw his sister on the bed with two vibrators in her pussy and she wasn’t alone Cheetara was lying next to her with four vibrators in her pussy!  “I have hit the jackpot” WilyKat thought as he started to jack himself off with his oil.

Then he noticed a very naked lynx-O standing on the other side of the room, “Gross he’s like a hundred years old I think I’m going blind!”, WilyKat  thought as he quickly refocused on the girls.


“Ha Ha Ha Ha, Lynx-O laughed “Though I am blind the power of the pussy ring lets me see all things perverted… For instance I can see WilyKat jacking off behind the curtain”


A shocked WilyKat froze and gritted his teeth, “shit he knows I’m here!”


Lynx-O, walked up to the curtain and pulled it back exposing WilyKat in the act of voyeurism, “What do you have to say for yourself Kat?”


WilyKat stood up and not quite knowing what to do he saluted Lynx-O and then bowed repeatedly as he apologized, “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry Lynx-O I apologize for this intrusion and humbly beg your forgiveness and pledge not to tell anyone what I saw!”



Lynx-O looked amused and started to laugh, “Ha Ha Ha that’s quite funny… In truth I am the one who has been watching you… I saw you Pumyra and Bengali earlier and decided to put on a bit of a show to draw you to me ”


WilyKat gave Lynx-O a strange look, “why would you want me here… unless… eeeeeww! I don’t go that way! Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered but really I’m straight as an arrow and even if I did experiment your kind of old for my tastes…. But really maybe Tygra or Lion-O will be into it…”


Lynx-O smacks WilyKat with the back of his hand, “NO! You idiot that is not what I meant I’m NOT gay!!!!!”     “What I am is a tired old man who has two things he can no longer use one of which you will find beneficial.”   “I have been impotent for about a year and a half now and in that time I have had time to think”


“Think About what?” WilyKat asked his curiosity now sparked.


Lynx-O then held out his hand and displayed a large red oval ring, “This is the magical pussy ring and the jewel in the center is the Mythic Clit of Thundara!”  “If you Know anything of our history you know that the Clit of Thundara belonged to our first queen and was thought to be lost three hundred years ago during the rain of her son King Black-Leo”


In shock WilyKat grabbed the old man by the shoulders, “How do you have that ring!” “By all rights keeping it is treason it should have been destroyed with all of that demons other black sorcery!”  “We need to turn this over to Lion-O now”


Lynx-O Pushed WilyKat off of him knocking him on his ass, “Kat you fool!”

“You would throw away your birthright!”  “You are well aware that we are both his descendants it is time you came to accept it!”


WilyKat stood up, “He was insane!”  “He enslaved Thundara with black magic and plunged it into a sixty year dark age ”  “We still celebrate the day of his final defeat as Liberation day”  “How could you want me to be like him?”


Lynx-O smiled, “You are like him.. we men of his family are cursed with his increadible libido” “we require the ability to make any woman we want to fuck want to fuck us and this ring can do that and much more” “every fantasy you have ever had can be fulfilled thru this rings power!” “tell me now that you do not want it.”


WilyKat began to feel a strong attraction to the idea, “I want it but… it should be destroyed it is evil as was he”


Lynx-O placed his hand on WilyKat’s shoulder, “and as was his mother who we all hail as saintly” “Queen Lia was perverted enough to force her young son to have sex with her until she became pregnant and bore his brother”

“It was this unnatural act that made him insane and which drove him to steal the clit and murder her”  “And it is the psychic memory of this incest that makes you lust for your twin sister though I would encourage you to give in to this perverted desire at a later date” 

“When using this ring you will have control over every aspect of sex even pregnancy and disease can be stopped or even caused at will there are no consequences you can even control a person’s emotions ”




WilyKat looked at the shining ring, “give it to me.. if I can use it to have sex with anyone any time without consequences then this ring regardless of who made it is the most valuable thing in the universe ”


Lynx-O removed the ring and placed it in WilyKat’s hand, “I hope that you enjoy your Sexual Adventures… because this ring will take you to new worlds of pleasure”








Next Chapter WilyKat is on The Loose




THUNDERCATS : The Sexual Adventures of WilyKat 


By  LemonLord



Part II  WilyKat Is on the Loose



WilyKat stood there for a moment staring at the ring the turned to leave but Lynx-O grabbed his shoulder, “There is one other thing I must tell you WilyKat” “As you know our people are dwindling in numbers, even on new Thundara there are only a few hundred of us, so I think it very important that you seek to spread your seed far and wide to every species that you encounter ”

“When fucking non Thundarens you must always impregnate them in order to bring about a return of the thundaren species”

“But never impregnate anyone in catslair or queen Willa without asking first, these are people you see every day after all”


WilyKat smiles, “sounds kind of sleezy but I think I can handle screwing strangers and leaving them with a special gift but first I want to screw people I know like Cheetara Pumyra and yes even my own sister Kit ”  “Now the only thing left is to decide who gets it first, I think I’ll sleep on it and make a decision this afternoon”


Lynx-O starts to laugh, “Ha! you remind me of myself when I first got the ring.. Take all the time in the world to make your decision but remember your obligation to your people must be fulfilled. And the ring knows that as well as i  “in fact I suspect it was the ring that made me impotent in order to be passed onto a young fertile Thundercat because now for the first time in a year and a half I have a hard on! ” “Don’t neglect the rings will or it will force itself upon you now Kat I’ve got to use this thing before I lose it, I haven’t fucked Cheetara in ages”.


A sour look comes over WilyKat’s face, “now I really do need a nap because I’ll never be able to fuck Cheetara if I’m thinking about your crusty old cock being inside her… good night old man.. and keep your thing out of my sister”





Cheetara lay nude on her bed, her legs spread wide as she fingered her pussy.

“This is no good I need a man in me!” “if only there was a man who could shove his meat into my wet cunt

Wily cat approached the bed, his dick was hard and jutted out of his tunic creating a tent.

“I’m just the man you’ve been waiting for!” “I hope your  ready to get fucked”


Cheetara grinned but the grin turned into an amused smile and she started to laugh.


“HAHAAAHAHA, me get   fucked by you your not a man your just a baby!”


Wilykat looked down and saw that he was wearing a diaper and was shocked to feel his body shrinking as a lollypop appeared in his hand.




With a gasp WilyKat woke from this disturbing dream as he fell out of bead.

As he pulled himself up one thought repeated in his head.

“After the way that bitch treated me she needs to be the first one to get fucked”


WilyKat slipped on his tunic, not bothering to put on underwear  or a shirt he left his room. Day had already broken but he knew that after last night most of the others would be sleeping in. So Wilykat had no problem walking around in his swiftly tenting tunic.

As he approached Cheetara’s room Wilykat stroked his erection in anticipartion.

He slowly pushed back the curtain and entered the room only to realize she wasn’t their.

damn she must be getting fucked by one of the other Thundercats!” “I’ve waited this long for this though .. I can wait some more” “no point in being clothed though”

WilyKat slips off his tunic and lays on Cheetara’s bed.


As WilyKat had guessed Cheetara was a few rooms down getting banged  by Tygra Panthro and Bengali. Panthro thrust his mighty 12 inch cock into her ass.

“By jagga your ass is so tight I think I’m going to cum!”


from beneath Tygra had been bucking up into her  pussy as she leaned forward onto his rod. “Cheetara I swear you get better at this every time!” “Soon I’ll be Cumming too!”


As Cheetara is pushed forward she sucks hard on bengali’s dick.

your blowjobs are so much better then pumyra’s I’m about to cum already!”


Cheetara knowing them each to be at their limit vibrated at super speed making all of the men inside her cum at once and fill her up.


Cheetara walked to her room buck naked while fingering herself and playing with her tits.

for some reason every time I have sex today I just seem to get hornier.”  “Even after being gangbanged im not satisfied I just want to get fucked again!”


When Cheetara entered her room  she could immediately sense the  presence of another and was disappointed when she looked up and saw WilyKat kneeling on her bed while nursing an erection.

“Kat I thought I made it clear this morning it’s not going to happen!” “Look it’s just too weird I think of you as my own son.”


WilyKat grinned as he subtly pointed  the magic Pussy  Ring at Cheetara.

“That just makes it more naughty because it’s taboo ” “Admit it “mommy” your turned on by the thought of having your “son’s” big dick in you”


Cheetara find’s herself overcome by an intense sexual attraction to WilyKat. His words were turning her on, she never thought that the boy she considered her son could ever make her this horny. He focus intensified on his bulging cock, she’d seen him this way many times before but now she needed him inside her.

Kat .. I have to admit that for some reason I really am turned on.” “Look I’ll give you a blowjob but that’s as far as it goes”


Cheetara walked up to the bed WilyKat was kneeling on and bent down in front of his crotch.  She grabbed his member with her right hand and positioned it in front of her mouth she started to lick it up and down.


“Ah!” he gasped “you may think it will end with the blowjob but I know you’ll be begging me to take your pussy as my first”


She said nothing but took in the length of WilyKat’s dick and started to suck it with all of her stemgth. Then she began to do tongue swirlies around his head at super speeds.

WilyKat squinted and clenched his teeth from the pleasure he was receiving.

“Pumyra gave me my first blowjob this morning you know… but don’t be jealous this is beyond anything she is capable of!”  “I feel kind of selfish … ah!..OOOH!.. let me give you some too!”


Taking his tool out of her mouth for a moment Cheetara climbed up on the bed while WilyKat lay back and then she got into 69 position. It was not long before she bared down on his dick again and WilyKat responding to the stimulus sat up and attacked Cheetara’s pussy with his tongue.  As he licked the insides of her pussy he realized he was eating the spunk left over from her other morning fucks but he decided not to care because it was mixed with her gushing womanly juices.  “Wow theirs a lot of this stuff she must have been getting screwed all night long, turns me on though makes me feel like I’m sharing this moment with all my friends” he thought as he continued to eat her out.

Meanwhile Cheetara picked up the pace again and began  to bob up and down on WilyKat’s swollen dick at  super speed.  “OH GOD!” “THAT FEELS S…S.SO GOOD”

WilyKat exclaimed as he leaned back in response to the incredible pleasure.  Remembering his own obligation he sat back up and tongued her pussy furiously.


Unable to withstand her mouth moving up and down on his cock at speeds faster then sound WilyKat orgasmed shooting massive amounts of his seed into Cheetara’s mouth.

After swallowing his cum Cheetara smiled, “mmmm.. That was delicious WilyKat”


Smiling WilyKat flipped Cheetara onto her back and positioned his hard member between her legs. “I hope that you didn’t fill up on the appetizer because here comes the main course.


Cheetara smiled gleefully  That’s right “son” fuck the woman that raised you! ” “Mommy wants you to put your big dick inside of her”


WilyKat paused for a moment and blushed as he remembered the times that he actually did think of Cheetara as a mother figure to himself and WilyKit.  “You were right all along this is just wrong… knowing just how wrong it is only makes me want to do it more”


Slowly WilyKat inserts himself into Cheetara, his head parting the lips of her pussy as he thrusts the full length of his cock into her. He pauses for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being inside her warm wet and surprisingly tight pussy.


“Bengali is right being inside of a pussy is the best feeling in the universe!”



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