Lady Thundera's Fanfics

A Friend's Betrayal

Rated K+

About the notorious Grune the Destroyer.

A Leader is Born

Rated K+

A story about Lion-O's birth.

The Changing of Leaders

Rated K+

How Jaga became Lord of the Thundercats.

Saying Goodbye

Rated K+

The Thundercats say goodbye to a loved one.

Arrival of the New Thundercats

Rated K+

Thundercat Soaps

Rated T
A soap-opera style series featuring the
Thundercats cast. Lots of fun for soap fans!

Parts 1-6

Parts 7-9

Parts 10-11

Parts 12-14

Parts 15-18

Parts 19-22

Parts 23-25

Parts 26-28

Parts 29-30

Part 31

Parts 32-33

Parts 34-37

Parts 38-41

Parts 42-43

Parts 44-47

Parts 48-50

Parts 51-54

Parts 55-57

Parts 58-60

Parts 61-64

Parts 65-67

Part 68

Parts 69-70

Parts 71-73

Parts 74-75

Parts 76-78

Parts 79-81

Parts 82-85

Parts 86-89

Parts 90-92

Parts 93-95

Parts 96-100

Behind the Cartoon:
The Thundercats Story

Rated K+

A neat behind-the-scenes take on the Thundercats.

A Christmas Carol

Rated K+

A Thundercats take on this story, featuring author RD Rivero.

Clan War

Collaboration with Tatiana
Rated T

Character Outline


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten


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