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When you think of a snarf, you probably think of a sweet, cute, high-voiced, fuzzy cat-like creature that is supposedly the only being in the universe devoid of evil. Well, we are here to tell you that you're dead wrong! Snarfs are fierce and dangerous creatures, and should be feared! Sure, they may seem cute and endearing...

or helpful.

They're also sociable creatures, having harmonious relations with their own kind... well as with Thunderians.


This is not the case with all Snarfs though, and you should be warned that snarfs are, contrary to common folklore, capable of evil! How else do you explain Snarf-Ra the Ever-Living, created by the Ancient Spirits of Evil themselves?  If you don't believe us, check out these encounters that show that true nature of these wild beasts!

In our first case, poor Mumm-Ra was relaxing in his pyramid when an irate snarf, having gotten in through a hole in the pyramid wall, saw him and attempted to maul his face!

After an exhausting search and setting up of snarf-traps, he found not only one, but three of the critters in his pyramid!

Luckily since he is ever-living, Mumm-Ra was not seriously injured from the wild snarf attack.

Our next Snarf victim, Alluro, was not so lucky.

He was happily enjoying a peaceful walk through the forest when he was cornered by a vicious snarf that had gotten his hands on some discarded Thundercat weapons.

Alluro tried to defend himself, but the snarf didn't give him the chance. He came at him with weapons flying, and Alluro turned tail and ran.  (Wouldn't you, if you saw this coming at you?)  He was barely able to escape the vicious attack.

And here, a snarf attempts to attack a Mutant, but bites a live wire instead. The picture is humorous, but you can see his teeth.  They may be short, but take it from their victims... snarf bites hurt!

What should you watch out for if you encounter one of these wild creatures?


On the left you can see a snarf moments before he's about to lose his temper and attack. See the clenched jaw and the fist, telltale signs of his foul mood. On the right is a snarf in the midst of an emotional breakdown. Usually these involve them crying about being underestimated or unappreciated, and such displays are often followed by violent outbursts where the innocent bystanders are subjected to high-pitched whining, flying claws, and gnashing teeth! Beware if you see a snarf in any of these states. 

So what should you do if you see a snarf?

Despite the fact that many are friendly, caution must be exercised! Like any wild animal, one should always approach snarfs with care. For instance, here we see Lion-O leaving himself wide open for a mauling at the hands of one of these creatures. Luckily the snarf was only startled and no bodily harm came to him... but remember, don't try this at home! You may not be so lucky!


Just remember... snarfs are to be feared. You can never be too careful. And if you don't heed our warning, you could be the victim next time....

When snarfs attack!

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